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'WRITING THE PRIZEFIGHT' Reviews and Feedback

(2014 Award Winner)


Twitter, by Dan Tetsell (writer / actor): 'If like me you’re a fan of all things Regency/pugilistic, this book is a must'.


Google Books: 'This represents a fine addition to books on prizefighting history, and writing / journalism on that theme.

The detailed research reveals a fascinating writer - Pierce Egan - who has received little acclaim in past. That has been rectified.

The inclusion of the London slang and fighting jargon adds extra zest to the tale.  A good quality academic book, yes, but also one that contains appeal for those interested in sporting history and distinctively, imaginative sports-reporting'.


Amazon: 'Step up to the scratch and read all about it!

A worthwhile, interesting, and enlightening journey / read'.


Book News Inc.: 'Sometimes you like to sit in front of the television and hear dignified men in blazers speak about their preferences amongst the gentlemen in the ring, sometimes you like to watch fighters rip off each other's legs. Egan deployed both schools of presentation, a newsman who could report sports quickly and plainly [...and] used the bombastic speech of the ring itself, and who was not above making a few things up. Egan was inventive and exuberant. He was amongst the first to link British sports with national identity, military readiness and morality. Snowdon [...] takes readers through Egan's rather checkered history [...] examining the rise in popularity of pugilism and its reporting, and goes into the language of the city and the ring. Then he takes on the theatricality of sport, and analyzes its social dynamics and element of spectacle [...] and ends with a spectacular glossary of nineteenth-century boxing terms'.


QBD, Australia:'Good Fight-Reporting History

Really interesting account about a writer who did not receive acclaim in the literary world. Pierce Egan's fight reports are crammed with imaginative bursts featuring his repetoire of 'Boxiana' slang. A lot of detailed content, and a worthwhile addition to the genre'. 04/10/2013

Descriptive Prizefighting History

An intriguing stroll through the London prizefighting scene, including all the jargon. The finely detailed research results in a very welcome addition to the bookshelf of anyone interested in sporting history'. 27/09/2013


'Snowdon's wonderful book' (2015)


'An illuminating, fiercely intelligent read' (2015)


Literary Honours for Sunderland Academic