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David Snowdon

BA, MA (Sunderland); PhD (Newcastle)


Funding Awards

Arts and Humanities Research Board 2002-03 (MA)

Arts and Humanities Research Council 2004-07 (PhD)



'Waterloo's Prizefight Factor: Pierce Egan Celebrates the Boxiana Touch as Napoleon is Floored', The Historian (Summer 2015)


Writing the Prizefight: Pierce Egan's Boxiana World (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2013) *** Winner of 2014 BSSH Lord Aberdare Literary Prize for Sports History ***


‘Hazlitt’s Prizefight Revisited: Pierce Egan and Jon Bee’s Boxiana-Style Perspective’, Romantic Textualities: Literature and Print Culture, 1780–1840, 20 (Winter 2011)


‘Drama Boxiana: Spectacle and Theatricality in Pierce Egan’s Pugilistic Writing’, Romanticism on the Net, 46 (May 2007)



'Battling Against Sporting Tedium for a Prizefighting Nation: Pierce Egan's Boxiana-Style Reporting'; Keynote lecture at British Society Sports History, Swansea (Sept. 2015).


'Waterloo's Prizefight Factor: Pierce Egan Celebrates the Boxiana touch as Napoleon is Floored', at 'Waterloo Representation & Memory' conference, York (June 2015).


'Byron's Violent-Fatigue Workout: A Literary Heavyweight's Affinity for Mixing It with Pierce Egan's "Fancy"', at 'In Search of "Man-Making Words": Masculinities, Citizenship and the Nation'', Newcastle University (August 2013).


‘Writing to Impress “The Fancy”: The Non-Collaborative Prizefight Chroniclers’, at BARS ‘Romantic Connections: Networks of Influence’ conference, Newcastle (2012).


'"The Gas-man" Cometh; Hazlitt’s Excursion into Pierce Egan’s "Pugilistic Hemisphere"', at the NEPG Forum, Durham University (October 2010).


‘Impressing “The Fancy”: The Pugilistic Writing of Pierce Egan and Jon Bee’, at ‘Contesting Creativity 1740-1830’ conference, University of Leeds (2008).


‘Drama Boxiana: Spectacle in Pierce Egan’s Pugilistic Writing’, at ‘Romantic Spectacle’ conference, Roehampton University (July 2006).


‘An Introduction to Pierce Egan and the “Boxiana Style”’, at NEPG Forum, Durham (2006).



Awarded John Coggrave Prize (Sunderland University, 2002).



Barbara Flynn & James Bolam [The Beiderbecke Affair]