Round Three - A VISITOR

So, Hazlitt wrote an essay, 'The Fight' (1822). This author, who confessed that it was his 'first fight', wrote about 'THE' fight?? Did he indeed!!!
More objectively, the title is probably only a reflection of the common habit of saying "going to 'the' match, 'the' cricket", and so forth. The encounter referred to was Bill Neate v Tom 'the Gasman' Hickman (December 1821).
But, stop the press, it was also reported by authentic Boxiana commentators - Egan and Bee.
Arguably, the literati did not condescend to comprehensively consider the merits of these 'low' writers. Some snippets are displayed below.

Bill Neate (1791-1858), The Victor.
Pugilistica II (1880).
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The Boxiana spirit flickers when Hazlitt recounts the moments when the contest swings in this combatant's favour: ‘[Neate] planted a tremendous blow on his cheek-bone and eye-brow, and made a red ruin of that side of his face. The Gas-man went down [….] This was a settler [...] It was the first time he had ever been so punished; all one side of his face was perfect scarlet, and his right eye was closed in dingy blackness, as he advanced to the fight, less confident, but still determined. After one or two rounds, not receiving another such remembrancer, he rallied and went at it with his former impetuosity'.