• Egan Indulges in a Tumblr

    Pierce Egan's Boxiana has just appeared on Tumblr.


    • 1. Oct 21 2013 2:10PM by Maureen Purcell

      Hi David, My grandmother always claimed that Pierce Egan was a great grand uncle ( or very distant cousin ) She was Ellen Byrne ( her mother was Johanna Tobin and father Frank Byrne) from Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland and died around 1956 or so.I don't know whether it was from her mother or father's side the relationship was.An aunt of mine had a nice edition of the introduction to the Folio Society edition of some of Pierce Egan's works ( now out of print unfortunately) and as she is dead some 13 years I don't know what happened to that book. Apparently on page 9 there are some details of his origins! I've tried to find out who Pierce Egan's parents and Grandparents were but I find the sites on the web just too expensive to start trawling through them. Would you have any idea where I could check this out Please. Regards Maureen Purcell, Clonmel, Co. Tipperray, Ireland.

    • 2. Oct 22 2013 11:57AM by pierceegan

      Maureen, thank you for your interesting message. I briefly mention some of Egan's very early life on pages 15-17 of my new book. But, the Irish geography is something I include in a separate paper which certainly mentions his migrant labourer father from Tipperary.

      The fact that John C Reid (who in 1971 conducted more exhaustive research into Egan's birth details) was somewhat stumped in an effort to give a clear answer is not encouraging (but he did not have the benefit of some of your 'inside' knowledge of course).

      If you send an e-mail to, then I can respond with more detailed information (although not vast) on this theme, which may prove of at least partial assistance to your investigations.